On Xiaomi's tracking

So recently I've been trying to cut down on how much access to my data Google and Facebook have. It's going quite well, I've moved my "cloudy" needs to my home-server, including email, and switched to an iPhone SE (2016). I'm looking forward to eventually switching to a PinePhone.

However, for quite a long time I've been using a Xiaomi Mi Band 3. Last night I randomly woke up because of a noti­fication (I forgot to switch on "Do not disturb" on my phone), and when trying to fall asleep again, I thought about how the band was strapped too tightly onto my wrist.

Then another thought came to my head: If I am so against being tracked by Google and FB, why the hell am I sending Xiaomi my heart rate, approximate location, the entire SLEEP SCHEDULE (they know when I'm awake!) and weight!?

And so, I took the band off. I haven't been using it since. Maybe I'll get a PineTime some day.

(This post was first available in a hand-written version on my Scribblelog)

Written by: Wojciech ~irth Kwolek
Written at: 2020-11-27