Who am I?

My name is Wojciech Kwolek, I am from Poland.

I like coding, creating things, while listening to music. I sometimes roller-blade or ski.

    I am familiar with:
  • Javascript
    (ReactJS, Redux/MobX, Vue, Webpack)
  • Golang
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Python (Flask)
  • Nginx

What do I do?

Here are some things I've made that are okay enough to publish.

(You can also check out the graveyard of repos on my Github. Oh, and this website is also there.)

    Ruby on Rails
  • Together for Spotify - a web app that lets you find out the intersection of your and your friend's music libraries.
  • HackerClicker - a clicker for true hackers (playable via an API, too!)
  • Kiedy niedziela handlowa? - a site telling you whether the shops in Poland will be open on the next Sunday.